Getting the ball rolling in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

by Kevin Zambrano November 24, 2013
The Holland-Brazil Chamber of Commerce (HBCC) is an organization that helps Dutch companies to get started in Brazil. Its purpose is to promote trade and to foster business between the Netherlands and Brazil; Rio de Janeiro specifically. HBCC members are companies and individuals interested in developing these objectives.

The HBCC organization now runs on Bric CRM as well. The flexibility of the application allowed for some customizations, which made it possible to create the exact application that HBCC was looking for. As more Dutch companies will want to start up in Brazil, and Rio de Janeiro specifically, the HBCC organization will grow and the Bric CRM application will become increasingly vital to the organization.

Furthermore, HBCC is now helping Bric CRM to take the right steps in order to set up a company structure in Brazil. Brazil is a very bureaucratic country but thankfully HBCC has the necessary experience to guide us through the Legal maze. More about our business in Brazil coming soon…