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Who are we?

Bric is a software company based out of the Dutch Caribbean. We develop clever and user-friendly software solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises.

We aim to build a relationship with our clients where we provide the software tools that help you become more efficient and take your business to the next level.

our focus

Bric has many functionalities. Our main added value comes from the following focus points.

Customer Relationship Management

Have all of your customer information in one place and make sure you don’t miss out on any opportunities that are right in front of you.

Contact Management

Store, manage and share all your contact information. The Bric application is built with a lot of flexibility, so you can store any type of information.

Digital Archiving

Archive all of your customer files in an electronic dossier.

Contact History

Create notes about contact moments with a client and schedule alerts for follow ups.

Email & SMS

Create Email lists for newsletters and send SMS.

Document Workflows

With the workflow module it’s possible to standardize your company’s key processes. Making sure that you can track them from start to finish.

Each process is broken down into steps. A step may be a specific task that a user needs to carry out such as filling out a form or uploading a document. After a step is completed the system may perform an automatic action such as sending a confirmation email.

The Bric application allows you to easily customize forms and make them available online. It also allows you to create document templates with your company’s branding.

Management Dashboards

Our user-friendly dashboard allows you to keep track of the performance indicators that are most important to your business. 

Having a good feeling about your company’s KPI’s will help you as a manager, to steer your company in the right direction.


Have a look at our wide array of software solutions.
Inventory Management

Manage inventory and integrate with your online webshop.

Workshops & Attendance

Manage workshops and keep track of attendance.


Have all personnel information in one place and also manage vacation and sickness days.


Standardize internal and external work processes.

Project Management

Create projects and milestones, and assign tasks to specific users.


Manage reservations for multiple locations.


Create, send and track invoices to your customers.


Manage incoming and outgoing correspondence.

Management Dashboard

Keep track of your Key Performance Indicators.


Read our blog for interesting case studies of how companies are using our software.
December 15, 2022
Partnering with Deloitte Dutch Caribbean to Improve Performance Management

We are proud to partner with Deloitte Dutch Caribbean to offer a performance management solution that helps organizations drive better results and improve their performance. Our software module is based on Deloitte’s proven performance management model, and it enables organizations to set clear objectives, measure progress, and implement strategies to improve performance.

March 22, 2022
Bric Contributes To A Milestone In Water Distribution In Saba

The Saban community now has its own source of safe drinking water as a result of a multi-institutional project titled Saba Splash. This is a water bottling plant that opened its doors on the island in the final quarter of 2021. This marks a significant milestone for the Saban community, as the island previously relied solely on the neighboring island of St. Maarten for potable water imports.

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