Bric has a deep understanding of KYC Compliance principles and has created a software package that will help your organization get a good grip and to be better prepared for audits.

Success Stories

Read about how this client has successfully implemented the Bric Software solutions.
As a small trust company it is important for Avenue Management to work efficiently and spend time on services that add value to the customers. With regulations from the Central Bank becoming more strict an increased amount of time has to be spend on Compliance related matters.
With the Bric software application, Avenue is able to store all client related information in one place. Most importantly, a document checklist is used where it is possible to set whether documents are required and/or have an expiration date. The checklist automatically provides a summary of the extent to which the client dossier is completed. This makes it very easy to report during an audit. In addition, it is possible to easily archive email correspondence to the client profile.
  • Complete client overview
  • Documents are attached to the client profile
  • Document versioning
  • Expiration alerts when documents expire
  • Easy reporting

With Bric I have been able to get my Compliance issues in order, which makes me a lot more comfortable when I get audited by the Central Bank.

Dennis van der Laan,

Diretor – Avenue Management

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