Bric has a deep understanding of the car rental business and has broken the core processes down into simple steps. We’ve implemented these steps into a dedicated application suite for the rental industry and made it customizable to your company’s specific needs.
Online Reservations

Easy-to-use Reservation Flows can be added to your website in a matter of minutes

Real Time Availability

Automatically track the number of vehicles available within select periods by class or model

Seasonal Rates

Easily adjust prices across services for seasonal changes or insurance add-ons.

Fleet Management

Setup vehicle classes and manage information according to your needs.

Maintenance Plans

Schedule maintenance, create repair orders and keep track of costs and damage over time.


Easy to use management dashboards that allow you to keep track of key performance indicators.

Tour Operators

Allow resellers to login and create reservations, review commissions and more.

Business Protocols

Setup rules and protocols for cancellations, fuel charges, no-shows and other contingencies.

Instant Bookkeeping

Create efficient integrations with synchronized scripts that hook into your bookkeeping services.

Success Stories

Read about how this client has successfully implemented the Bric Software solutions.
MBG is a family company with different types of business activities. With so much going on in the organization it's extremely important to structure and standardize the rental process and of course also the vehicle maintenance process.
With the Bric software application, MBG clients can now make reservations through the website. These reservations are instantly available for the MBG back office and can be managed accordingly: payments, pickup, rental agreement, and return. The system allows you to easily import your vehicle list from Excel (.csv). This way MBG manages the vehicle database but can also plan maintenance and inspections, and keep track of damages.
  • Online reservations with real-time availability
  • Flexible rates and business rules
  • Client history profiles
  • Fleet maintenance
  • Management dashboards that keeps track of KPI's

At MBG we’re very happy with the user-friendly reservation tool for our car rental business; it makes life a lot easier when processes are structured and standardized.

Vincent Verheijen,


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