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Insurance success story

Success Stories

Read about how this client has successfully implemented the Bric Software solutions.

Extura is an innovative insurance company. They wanted to have an Insurance Calculator on their website so that prospective clients can calculate their monthly premiums and directly apply for the insurance policy.

After multiple intense brainstorming sessions, we worked out the requirements of the Calculation & Application process. There were many details and business rules to keep in mind such as a medical questionnaire where different diseases would impact the premium.

Bric was able to quickly deliver a working version of the Calculator after which there have been many rounds of testing and feedback to continue to make improvements.

Now that the Calculator is up-and-running we are implementing multiple CRM modules that will help the Extura Call Center become more effective.

  • Online insurance applications

  • Full client overview

  • Call Center solutions for collection and sales

  • Digital archive

  • Easy reporting

Online Calculations

Allow clients to calculate premiums and send in their policy application through your website.

Full Client Overview

Keep all your client information in one place for a complete overview.

Document Management

Also keep a digital archive of all your client documents for easy access.

Sales & CRM

Keep track of opportunities and track of prospects for outreach by your call centers.