December 1, 2015
Bric Software presents at TNW Conference New York

Bric Software was one of the 100 hand-selected startups to present its software at the TNW Conference in New York in November 2015. It was a great opportunity to meet other awesome startups and discuss partnerships.

by Kevin Zambrano
September 19, 2015
FDDK and Bric are upgrading the Curaçao Sports sector

As a small island, Curaçao has a history of bringing incredibly talented athletes to the world stage. FDDK strives to grow sports participation in all walks of life. Sports play a very important role in society as it can build character and national unity.

by Kevin Zambrano
August 19, 2015
ROA and Bric: Together, we make it work!

ROA represents a bridge between vocational education (MBO) and the labor market on the three islands of the Dutch Caribbean. Bonaire, Saba and Statia have a need for well-educated, local laborers and ROA provides alignment between vocational courses and workforce demand.

by Kevin Zambrano
July 1, 2015
Building an Online Insurance Calculator for Extura

Extura is an innovative insurance company. They wanted to have an Insurance Calculator on their website so that prospective clients can calculate their monthly premiums and directly apply for the insurance policy.

by Kevin Zambrano
November 26, 2014
Workspot reviews Bric

Workspot offers a suitable office solution for every business in Rotterdam for example a desk in a shared office, an office unit in a dynamic Business Center or an independent office space. They have been using our software application for a couple of months now and we asked them to review Bric CRM based on functionality, user-friendliness and support.

by Kevin Zambrano
August 26, 2014
Strategy Session Aug 2014

During two intense days, the team met to discuss how to bring the company to its next level. On Friday we discussed topics such as our company strategy and structure, our shared values and how we aim to provide support to our clients. Then on Saturday we talked about software development, systems, marketing, branding and sales.

by Kevin Zambrano
June 3, 2014
FORMA started working with Bric CRM in 2011

Fundashon FORMA is an academic institution in Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean that focuses on second chance education, illiteracy and adult education. FORMA aims to educate and develop its students so that after graduation they can successfully take part in the labor market and in society in general.

by Kevin Zambrano
November 24, 2013
Getting the ball rolling in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The Holland-Brazil Chamber of Commerce (HBCC) is an organization that helps Dutch companies to get started in Brazil. Its purpose is to promote trade and to foster business between the Netherlands and Brazil; Rio de Janeiro specifically. HBCC members are companies and individuals interested in developing these objectives.

by Kevin Zambrano